Vouge, Victoria’s Secret, and fashion’s greatest names have pretty models… I think we can all agree that they’re actually really beautiful. However, the most stunning, glamorous, breathtaking admirable sight of a woman is that of what I like to call a DIAMOND! Diamonds are the Women of Recovery: Diamonds are […]

Shame OFF You!

Shame is a negative emotion caused by awareness of wrongdoing, hurt ego, or guilt! We desire to grow in Him but have carried guilt and shame above that desire! To get from where we are standing in the shame to a deeper, more authentic walk with God the chains of […]


Step 1: We admitted we were powerless over our addictions and compulsive behaviors. That our lives have become unmanageable.(Romans 7:18) Before that moment of realizing we have a problem, we are like a tornado spinning out of control. Life is lived recklessly as we continue to go about destroying anything […]

Did You Fall Down?

Today might be one of your less than amazing days because you’re human. We have those days. Allow yourself to be okay with not being completely okay. Know that you are where you are and be unapologetic about it! If you’re doing your best and you know that you’re giving […]

God Is Not Lost

God is Not Lost! The other day I was using my GPS and missed my turn. After a moment, I could hear the sound of my journey being rerouted and my destination time being increased. I sighed, and began to follow the new directions. The change of course didn’t seem […]