from ashleepicI grew up in an alcoholic home and was physically and verbally abused by my father. I was hopeless.

I struggled for many years by acting out and living a self-destructive life. I abused alcohol and engaged in toxic relationships. I operated out of brokenness and had such little self-worth. Recklessly I hurt others in my world due to selfishness and pride. Shortly after moving to Los Angeles I had an encounter with the Savior I had known for ten years, only this time I allowed Him to come in and begin to heal the pieces of me I never had. Thankfully, my life began to be transformed by Jesus Christ. I have learned who I am in Him and no longer live behind the mask of who I used to be in my pain.

It doesn’t sit well with me that women define themselves by the addiction, disorder, or pain that has gripped them. I sat in recovery meetings and heard women introduce themselves by identifying who they are by their addiction and/or past hurt. This is just not okay with me. I found myself wanting to shout out at the top of my lungs that, “You are not an addict, you’re royalty!”.

The Diamond Gathering exists to help women understand who they are in Christ! I cannot wait until darkness gets overpowered by the light that is the HOPE OF JESUS!

It’s the passion of my heart to see the chains that have gripped women fall to the ground! It’s time we celebrate who we are and where we are going! Having been broken isn’t something to be ashamed of.

The world has told you that you’re less than because you’ve struggled with an addiction or an eating disorder. A label has been placed on you but, that label is a lie. Let’s throw out that stigma of what it means to have been in a broken place!

No matter what you’ve been through or how bad you think you’ve blown it, you’re welcome with us! You’re understood and accepted right where you are!

It breaks my heart to know that women are lost in a world that really doesn’t serve them well so, for the rest of my life, I am in a passionate pursuit to help my sisters out! Every woman has the potential to take what has happened to her and rise far above it and I’m passionate about helping the dream become a reality in her life! I want to see each of you win! I am committed to dreaming alongside you as we go from darkness into the marvelous light of all that Jesus has planned for us! Will you hang out with me and my girls and do this thing called life together? Find a gathering in your area and come see us! Until then, keep your chin up! Pressure makes diamonds! You’re worth it and there is nothing God cannot heal! I love you!

Ashlee Masteller RN, BSN
Founder of The Diamond Gathering

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